GliSODin Skin Nutrients (GSN) is a professional nutricosmetic line developed to deliver targeted skin benefits and to maximize cosmetic procedures. Consisting of the patented antioxidant enzyme GliSODin® and therapeutic-grade nutraceuticals, GSN products are clinically proven to help reduce the damaging effects of free radicals, which are said to be a major cause of skin aging, and provide the nutrients that are essential for beautiful, glowing skin.

The Science of GliSODin®

GliSODin® is a patented technology that combines superoxide dismutase (SOD), derived from melons grown in France, with gliadin, which acts as a protective barrier, making the SOD stable within the body. Found in all living species, SOD is also known as the “enzyme of life.”

I really enjoyed using GliSODin – it helped with my skin and kept me calm during surgery and sped my recovery up a great deal. I would recommend GliSODin to my friends and family. I am very glad I took part in GliSODin studies and am going to continue with GliSODin Brightening Formula.

- Aimée Rhinoplasty with GSN Pre & Post Formula